Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baby Elements

My husband and I are expecting our first little one. They say it is a girl and I feel it is a girl, but there's always the element of surprise. We are remodeling a room in our home for our little "Tae Tae" as we have been calling her (we think her name will be Tayor DeLuca Dible). She is due Sept 7, but my family tends to have babies 1-2 week early and I have a feeling that that will be fine by me at that point. The baby room floor is a lighter brown color wide plank that we are working on.

Rales is very involved in the process. Always making sure that the craftsmanship is up to his standards. He thinks the room is actually for him.

Hastings is petrified of the new floor surface. He is not a fan of change. He has not mustered up the courage to enter the room, but is curious and checks on the progress several times a day. Tail down and ears back of course.

I plan to have cream/ivory walls, white crown molding, dark and white wood furniture and a brown leather chair. All very calm and soothing in that room. I am still in the hunt for the right crib, bedding etc... and I will keep things posted as I find them.

Full Detail

One of my favorite artists I have come across lately is Jennifer Morris. Just admiring her attention to detail is enough to captivate me for hours. I spend too much time browsing her items in her store. I was admiring these earrings and it looks like I waited too long because they have sold. I am going to have to buy these ones before they leave her shop with someone else!


I have decided to try a blog to share fun things I am creating or come across in life. Here is are two of my favorite "Buds" and "Unfurl" earrings. You can find them and many others at my store on etsy at LoopsDesigns. I have also opened up a second shop that focuses on Bridal or Formal wear jewelry. You can find it at TwiZZleDesigns.

I will add more of my favorites as I find time.


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