Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tis the Valentines Season!

Well I have never been one who loves cutesie things but I have wanted to make some Valentines jewelry and make some heart inspired jewelry that I would even wear myself. I made the first simple "Heart" earrings and showed them to my husband who felt they weren't whimsical enough. I still loved them because they were so clean and simple. So I decided that I would add them to my jewelry line and go back to the drawing board and make a whimsical pair too. Here is what came to fruition. I love these. They are my new "Coeur" earrings. What do you think? Do you like them?

Happy Valentines!

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Personal Tips to Other Etsy Sellers! Tip #2

Match your Avatar to your shop and its product (see mine above). How many times have I clicked on an avatar in Etsy only to be taken to a shop that sells something unrelated to the style and feel that the avatar gave. I equate it to the feeling you get when you take a bite of something that you think is sweet and it is salty. Not the best experience you can hope for. I think we need to keep the buyers in mind when we set up a store and try to keep them from getting frustrated browsing and endlessly clicking on avatars only to get to a store that is nothing close to what they thought it would be.

I do not feel this means that you have to use a photo of your product as your avatar but the avatar needs to still give off a similar feel to your store even if it is a picture of yourself or something else. For example Simone Walsh does this well. Her picture in her avatar is a fun and funky picture of herself that portrays her style. When you get to her store you are pleased that you made the effort to visit, as it is what you would expect from someone with that style photo as their avatar. I will not call anyone out by posting poor examples but there are a lot of pictures of pets or animals for avatars and then you click on the avatar and poof you are in a store selling jewelry or soap etc... I know your pets are cute but if you use a photo of them and you sell something totally unrelated then please make the photograph an artistic one that gives a preview of your store style.

Try this out yourself and play the avatar game when you are browsing the forums. In your mind try to figure out what someone's shop is like before you click on the avatar. Once you are in their store see if it does indeed have the same feel and style that the avatar lead you to believe. If you are having a hard time being objective about your own avatar and if it portrays your store style, then post a thread in the forums and ask others if your avatar gives them a good foreshadowing of your store content.


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