Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why Crocs?

Why I have chosen to collect and send Crocks or similar type shoe to the orphans in the project that you can read about in the previous two posts is the following:

These children live in a climate near the equator where there are two basic seasons. The dry season and the rainy season. In the dry season they deal with tons of red clay dust and in the rainy season it turns to wet mud clay.

Some shoes have been sent over there in the past and just don't hold up. The stitching doesn't hold, Velcro quits working from the clay like dirt buildup, leather gets wet and cracks or shrinks, the soles peel away from the upper shoe due to the rough terrain wear. I thought that the Crocs would be the best compromise for these children. They are durable, have no seams, and are washable. They are also cushioned and supportive enough to give good protection against the rough elements that cause injuries and infection to their bare feet.

Crocs for Orphan Tots - You Can Help Too!

Even if you don't have any Crocs to send here are ways you can help me spread the word for "Crocs for Orphan Tots":
  1. Let your friends and neighbors know about this. There are always kids outgrowing their Crocs or fake Crocs all the time.
  2. Link your Blog to the original "Crocs for Orphan Tots" posting on this blog.
  3. Contact me on this blog by leaving a comment or you can convo me at my etsy store: loopsdesigns.
  4. Post comments to this Etsy forums thread I started. By posting there more people will hear about this.

What I have done so far:
  1. Posted in the forums on etsy about this.
  2. Listed on my local Craigslist - I am willing to pick up or find a way to retrieve any donated Crocs in my area (Vancouver/Portland OR area).
  3. I purchase 6 pairs of Crocs on sale, and will continue to purchase them on a gradual basis as sales from my etsy store continue to come in.
  4. I have been scouring craigslist and ebay for used crocs for sale.

What I plan to do to keep spreading the word:
  1. Make flyers/posters for my local grocery stores and libraries.
  2. Keep updating etsy forums thread.
  3. Continue listing on craigslist as often as possible.
  4. Look for used Crocs at goodwill.

This is such a simple concept to find good use for Crocs that children have outgrown in our country of plenty and we can share with those that are in a country of little.
Thanks to those that have already responded and already sending me your used crocs.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

WANTED: “Crocs” for Orphan Tots!

I am looking for people who have used (still wearable) or new children’s “Crocs” that they are willing to donate for a children’s orphanage in Africa. If you would be willing donate and send me any Crocs you or your children may not need or use anymore I will get them directly to the Orphans that are in need of them. Please leave a comment if you are interested in helping out with this cause and I will provide you with a mailing address that you can send the Crocs to. All sizes needed!!! Some of the children are young and some are teens/young adults. prolasa.org is the website where you can see the orphans and read about the program. ************************************************************************ My connections to this cause:
  1. I have a shoe obsession so why not.
  2. I grew up in this same very poor area of Africa and I have such a fondness for the people of this region.
  3. My father is a family practice physician who raised our family in the African country of Rwanda. He now volunteers his time for the non-profit organization (PROLASA) in the Congo near where I grew up. PROLASA runs an orphanage that he helps support and it has 180 children in its care. I just received the newsletter from my Dad requesting help getting shoes for the kids. Included in the letter was a picture in it of three of the orphan’s feet, one without shoe, one with sandals falling apart and the last one with flip flops that aren’t holding up. Looking at that picture I had a “light bulb moment” and realized the perfect shoe for that region are Crocs. They can handle water and mud in the rainy season and they are durable and cleanable. I know these would be great for these kids because I grew up playing in the same location as these children. I now live in the Portland Oregon area.
Please help me with this cause.

Please mail any Crocs you would like to donate to:

In the USA:
"Crocs for Orphan Tots"
Congo Project
2711 NE 134th Way
Vancouver, WA 98686

In Canada:
"Crocs for Orphan Tots"
2137 Route 109
Arthurette, NB E7H 4B6

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Check This Out!

I was contacted back in Sept/Oct 2006 by the editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine to do a how to article on my "Vineyard" earrings with my "Art Deco" eawires. I spent several weekends on the project and submitted it. It now published and available on news-stands now (see magazine cover above). My article starts on page 44 and is called "Art Deco Earwires". I found the magazine sale on Sunday at my local Barnes & Noble! Happy crafting to all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Keswick Mint Sauce.

My husband Quentin and I went to England last spring to visit my sister Melissa who is in Grad School at University of Lancaster. We drove up to the Lake District for a weekend and stayed in Keswick at a B&B. So much fun. That night we found a local pub that had Live music. We had such a fun local experience. The locals (and there were only locals in the pub as we "the tourists" stuck out in the crowd) sang along with the performer. My favorite was an old man who was the first to break into song and the last to finish. He had a twinkle in his eye, a cherry red nose and a happy round face.

We were jet lagged and so hungry. We each ordered burgers and chips (fries). Of course Quentin had a vegi burger. The pub had some great homemade sauces to choose from and I am a sucker for sauces. I started trying some and came across an amazing mint sauce. I put it on my burger and man did it add to the flavor. So mouth watering. We all have talked about this sauce so much since the trip and I have tried to make it several times (with no recipe it is always an experiment) and it has not been quite right.

My mint is in full swing now so today I decided to try it and it came out perfect this time!
Here it is:
  • 2 cups of fresh mint (give or take a bit) - removed any tough large stems but not all stems removed.
  • 2 -3 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar. I have tried several brands af vinegar and many are too Strong and overpowering. I have finally found one I love ; "Private Selections" Balsamic Vinegar.
  • Optional: 3-4 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. My husband if not a huge fan of vinegar so I only put 2 Tbsp of vinegar and the put some olive oil in to tone it down a little.
  • Blend/chop in a good food processor until mint is chopped finely into small flecks in the sauce. I tried to make this in a small old food processor and it would not cut it fine enough. I just got a KitchenAid one and it is so easy!
I would think that with the vinegar it should store in the fridge for quite some time without going bad.

I used this on a cucumber/tomato/bel pepper salad for lunch and then I also spread it on crackers. Like I said above it is amazing on a burger (vegi or meat burger that is). It might be some sort of mint chutney originally but I am calling it the Keswick Mint Sauce.

Baby Purchases!

Some things I have bought for the little "Tae Tae":

I must think she is and artist already as I bought her this great "Cute Camo Skulls and Crossbones Crayon Rollup EtsyKids". I know it will probably be awhile before she uses it but I love it. I think the camo skulls are so cool.

Then there's these adorable little baby booties. I bought them before I knew if it was a girl or a boy. I odered a green/pink pom pom on each. They are too cute!

Then there's Thornton. He is very excited for his new home and friend. He has buttons for eyes and therefore Taylor will have to wait to play with him until she is old enough. In the mean time Thornton is going to watch over her in her room at night. He is planning to have a perch up on a shelf to observe all the fun. Hastings is currently very afriad of him and any other new toy, but Thornton plans on making a friend of Hastings someday!

These are some great little original paintings by a Etsy and local Portland OR artist
Rachel Austin and they should look great in taylors room.

Victoria Rocks!

In November we went up to Victoria with our Friends Liz and Shane. Liz and I are good friends from work and we cycle a lot together (we did the Cycle Oregon weekend in 2006 and we had planned a trip to Italy for biking this month but my pregnancy has halted that trip - we are going to re-schedule). We had a great time up there and as usual I could not resist collecting rocks (pebbles) on the beach. Even Shane, Liz and Quentin all got involved and it was a ton of fun. The hard part is quitting. I get started and it is like an addiction because I feel like if I stop I will not find the next perfect rock. Liz found some nice ones for me to drill for her. The colors that we found up in Victoria were so amazing. There were the robins egg colored ones and the green and pink colored ones. Rocks and pebbles fascinate me and there smoothness I find is soothing to the eye. The drift wood was incredible as well so weathered and full of character. Shane of course found a whole new look down on the beach. Not sure if its a Pirate or hillbilly but I think it suits him well. Victoria is one of my favorite places to visit. So much charm and it has my favorite restaurant in the world; Rebar. Their food is vegetarian including some fish but no meat! The flavors are out of this world and all four of us ordered and everything was so different and amazing. If you ever head up there you must go, even if you are not Vegetarian it will still be a great experience! The Rebar "Modern Food Cookbook" is a must for all vegetarians, I use it all the time. My husband is strict Vege and I am Quasi-Vege!


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