Friday, November 9, 2007


I just discovered a delicious chocolate bar today and it is worth every calorie. I was at the grocery store and ran across it in the healthfood section so I will tell myself it is healthy right! It is made from organic ingredients and is out of this world. It is the Dagaba Chai chocolate bar. It has ginger and spices in it and I will add it to my list of stocking stuffer items for this year.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


We were in Boston this past week. I flew out there on Oct 26th with my husband as he had some convention to attend. DeLuca and I hung out around town and visited with family of mine around the area.

I am not a sports fan and do not follow sports at all but the Red Sox fever was contagious. and DeLuca and I went to the parade celebration and fought the crowds. I tried to get close to the front but the crowd up in front was crazy. They were throwing things, climbing the street posts ( yes he was promptly arrested by the riot police), climbing to the rooftops to instigate the crowd even more, not to mention the pushing and shoving etc... I decided that I was much safer back by the riot police where the crowd was much calmer.


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