Friday, June 13, 2008


Well in May my grandpa turned 90 so we traveled to Alberta, Canada. We went to Banff for a few days before the party. There are no bad days in Banff but you can get snowed in even in May. The second day we were there we woke up to a lot of snow. It was so beautiful.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well last month we ended up heading unexpectedly to Australia. Quentin (my husband) had to go there for work so we turned it into a holiday. I have never been to such a friendly place. Everyone is cheerful and helpful and the country is beautiful and sunny. Some of my favorite things were the Opera House and the Australia Zoo. But the rest was great too. Here are a some pictures of the trip.
Yum... sand.

DeLuca running on Bondi Beach.
We went up to Brisbane and went to the Australia Zoo. What an experience. you can just hang out with the animals. They do an amazing job at the zoo. We loved just hanging out with the kangaroos and got to pet koala's and a wombat named Peg!

Bondi beach babe. DeLuca loved the ocean and the water was warm.

A turtle at the Sydney Aquarium.

The Rocks! What a view.

DeLuca sleeping tied onto Daddy! Her favorite person in the whole world.

The gentleman behind DeLuca in the picture below told us the best time to take a picture of the Opera House was just after leaving the Luna Park ferry stop. He was right. I took this picture above with my iPhone from a bobbing ferry so the quality is not the best but it was breathtaking to see the Opera House framed under the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

DeLuca took all her naps either tied on or in the stroller. This one was on the ferry. She slept through all the noise of the ferry.

Day one... tired and Jet lagged and so excited to be in Sydney. DeLuca was the best traveler!

I loved the ferry ride from Darling Harbor to Circular Quay. One of the coolest stops was Luna Park. It is an amusement part with the neatest Art Deco entrance. It sits on the Harbor ready to swallow you up.

I found this fountain at Darling Harbor that had dancing birds all around it and I loved them so much I took this picture.

One night the guys had to go to a dinner so us girls decided to have a girls night out. We took the ferry from Darling harbor to the Circular Quay and as we rounded the corner under the bridge there it was. It was such a different building at night. The whirring of the ferry engine gave it such an eerie feeling like it was in a movie. We ate at Doyles on the other side of the harbor and this is the view we had all night.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

BUST Magazine!

Here is the co-op advert for Etsy in the June BUST magazine and there I am in the last spot on the page. It is the first ad I have done in a magazine and I have yet to see how much it helps my sales but it is exciting to see it. I will be looking for a copy of the magazine but in the meantime these pics will have to do!


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