Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iconic Christmas Tree.

The mad rush after American Thanksgiving once again left us in a hurry to chose a theme for our Christmas tree trimmings (as we try to make different types of homemade adornments each year). The topic of this years Christmas ornaments and experimenting with painting on wood crossed paths and the result? Painted wood Christmas tree ornaments with a Russian Icon focus materialized.
First we selected choice trimmings from a pile of damp, algae and mud ridden scraps that had been left outside derelict for sometime. 3 buckets of warm water and a rag, 24 hours inside the warm entryway drying, and electric saw later our well weathered, textured, and unmeasured wood trimmings were ready for color. A trip to Michael's and 2 bags full of paint, brushes, gold leaf and ribbons later we were set. The three of us (my husband, and sister and I) sat down with artistic exuberance to a table laden with latent creative potential and well...dug in with glee.
Our spirits dampened as our first attempts were anything but masterpieces. My saints looked like shepherds and my sisters first attempt at a gold-leaf halo turned into a sombrero. Yet with time our muse of old Russian icons found artistic encouragement in those we hold dearest this time of year -family, and well for my sister a flock of sheep.

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