Wednesday, November 11, 2009

iCraft's Online Sellers Bootcamp!!! Assignment #3

My Moo cards.
  1. Finish up assignment #2 - done!
  2. Add your automatic store signature to every email in Outlook or Outlook express (for me it is Entourage). For Outlook go to Tools, Options, then the Mail Format tab and start creating your NEW signature. There is a little link button in the small signature frame to add your shop name as a LIVE LINK in every email. Make it easy for people to go to your shop .
  3. Get your business cards ready. If anyone has some suggestions on free or special promotion priced business cards jump in and post the information. This is a chance to focus on business locally and there is lots of opportunity at this time of year. - I use Moo cards. I think they are worth the money.
  4. For those of you that have business cards already what about product tags that can be pinned or tied to your product? Make sure you have consistant branding. If you already have those what about designing a postcard featuring 9 or 12 product pictures on the front. Use them at gift shows or mail out to past clients. - Once again I use Moo cards for this. they are an all purpose card. You can order postcards from them as well.

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