Saturday, November 14, 2009

iCraft's Online Sellers Bootcamp!!! Assignment #4

Assignment #4: What’s your propositional benefit or in other words … why should I buy your necklace instead of the other guys? Give three remarkable points about your product.

So here goes my assignment #4:

What makes my product unique?
I handcraft all the jewelry in my shop myself. I do my best to pair all beads for their similar attributes however it is my desire that they all will have individual distinctions as I use many materials formed by nature. Earrings and wire clasp components may vary slightly from pair to pair as I make most of the wire components freehand. I do my best to recreate and duplicate form and design yet I take artistic freedom with each piece to allow it to take on unique free form qualities during the crafting and replication process. Please embrace each of my unique creations for its truly individual characteristics, natural materials, free form shape and craftsmanship.

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