Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Personal Tips to Other Etsy Sellers! Tip #3

Tip #3 is: Have a uniform style or theme to your shop.

Style and uniformity is very subjective but I think it is important key to making your store look and feel professional. I feel that your avatar, banner, your product and the way it is photographed make a huge impression on our buying audience.

I will use my shop as an example. I feel that my banner has a rustic organic feel to it as well as the fact that the graphic portrays some of the same geometric lines as my jewelry. I have used a photo of one of my earrings as an avatar that I feel shows the style of my creations. I try to photograph all my jewelry in a rustic and artistic manner with interesting angles. I know my shop is not perfect but I feel that I have followed through with a style theme throughout.

Other stores that have done a great job at creating a uniform style and feel are:
  • littleputbooks - her banner, avatar and product all give me a feel of a whimsical fairytale and happy feeling.
  • AllInStitches - the banner reminds me of a time long ago and a modern feel to it as well. It is interesting that the wire forms she uses to display her work gives a modern feel to her product of knit wares that once again feel like they take you back in time
  • shescrafty - She has photos that are stunning and very artistic of little babies wearing her knit wares. Her avatar and banner use the pictures very well and there is a clean simple feel to her entire shop.

Once again if you are not sure of your own sense of style and or you have a hard time being objective about your own store then that is where the forums com in handy. Ask others if they feel that your store has a uniform style and or feel to it. If you post and it gets ignored post again. Be persistent.


msbelle said...

Once again, very good advice. I tried to do that with my banner and avatar. I hope I succeeded!

Sarah said...

msbelle. You have done a great job with your shop. Love your banner. Did you create it yourself?

msbelle said...

Hi Sarah,
No, I didn't create the background, but I did do the type myself. The background was done by Autumn Daisy, another EtsyMom. I really liked the style of it, but the type that went with it didn't match up to the feel I wanted. I just incorporated my own font that I'd had originally and used it again. I'm glad you like it. I'm hanging in there!! :D

Mintage Home said...

Thanks for the banner sucks...i need help and will seek it out...loven your blog


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