Monday, February 4, 2008

Pond Hockey?

My home town of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick hosts the World Pond Hockey tournament. It started in 2002 and has grown rapidly since then. There are waiting lists of teams that want to compete. This is an outdoor event and I would imagine the ice will be well frozen on the pond this year as I spoke to my Dad the other day and it was -39 degrees Celsius when he woke up that morning. I am hoping to find some coverage of the tournament on TV here in the States this year. My Dad said there is some coverage but I have not found it yet.

Looks like fun. I have never been to the tournament because it started after I moved away but it is one of those things I will have to go home to enjoy one of these years. Some of my High School friends have played in it. GO PLASTER ROCK!

If anyone finds any US coverage on TV please comment and let me know.

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