Monday, February 18, 2008

"La Belle Poubelle" Doll House!

My sister recently spent 2 months with me. It was so wonderful to re-connect with her. She is 11 years younger than me so I feel I have missed out on her childhood as I left home for boarding school when she was 3. What I so remember of our time with her is that she was always making cool things out of recycled items.

I especially remember her making clothes for her stuffed animals and dolls. She used to use old socks to make the coolest clothing items for her toys.

My parents used to get frustrated at her gleaning things from the garbage can that she used to make things, until they realized how creative she was with these recycled items. I remember being at home one summer and going to empty all the garbages in the house and I was told by Mom that I could not toss out the garbage from a specific (office) garbage until Melissa had her chance to pick out what she needed for all her projects! Mom used to tease Melissa that she should own a shop someday that sold items gleaned and recycled from the garbage and call it "La Belle Poubelle" (French for: the beautiful garbage can). She has now started a shop on Etsy called exactly that. Keep checking back to see when she starts selling her creations.

While she was here living with us, we made all kinds of things. It was the holidays and we painted all our own Christmas tree decorations. She was telling me and my husband about a doll house she made out of a citrus box. It sounded amazing and somehow even with my frequent visits home I had never seen this house of hers.

She recently went home and photographed her house. My Dad was wanting to chuck it and she was trying to photograph it before he could toss it so that she can remember it. She sent me the pictures and I was so shocked at the creativity and craftsmanship. She was I think 7 y/o when she started this house and she finished it around the age of 9. Everything was made from things she gleaned from the garbage at home or things she found (like shells at the beach).

Take a browse at all her pictures. What do you think?


msbelle said...

Wow! That's what I think. She's talented, that's for sure.

My oldest sister is 14 years older than me, so I can relate to the age difference. I'm the baby at 46 now. She was going off to college when I was just a toddler. I remember her coming home on holidays and other occasions, and it was always a treat to see her. Now she's like a second mother sort of, even though our mom is 83 now and doing great. Still drives. Can outshop us all. But she still lives far away and I don't get to see her often. It's great that you two reconnected. I know it was time you will treasure.

mu-yin jewelry said...

stopping by while dropping Entrecard,saw the post about your sister's gorgeous book ends, and then was redirected to this post.Oh my god!that doll house is soooo amazing!She made that thing when she was not even 9? I thought I was creative when I was a kid, but Melissa is just incredible!Her attention to details and the creativity to turn garbage into art is just amazing.I think this is what doll houses should be.
The "X'mas trees" are also very pretty!She's just an amazing artist.I also checked out her Etsy shop but it's empty :( She needs to continue to create, and sell on etsy so I can see more of her works!


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