Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here is my new EcoLoops line of jewelry.
I have been toying with creating some items in my shop with recycled components for quite some time. I have been stuck in the concept phase for ages and I have worked on prototypes and never been satisfied until now!

I started playing with the lid of a Quaker Oats container this week and found it made a really cool abstract disk I could use for jewelry or earrings in particular. I was so inspired I took old pages from this years calendar and continued with my quest to make recycled earring designs! Here is my first tray of creations below.

This red flowered disc above is created from the desk calendar for 2008 and comes from the March page that sits on my desk at home here. I always save the pages of calendars hoping to find something cool to use it for and then a few years latter I find them and I throw them in recycling. Now I can actually put them to good use.

This earring above is made from the January page of the same calendar.

And yet another calendar page.

These are a smaller disc. I have created 2 sizes do far. A 3/4" disc and a 1 1/2" disc. I am having a lot of fun with this and only hope they sell as fast as i am making them. I plan to add more recycled material jewelry to the EcoLoops line as fast as I can create them as I have many more ideas to play with.

So far I have used junk mail post cards, calendar pages, garment tags from store bought clothes, catalogs, magazine pages, cereal boxes and I'm sure the list will continue.

What do you think? U like?


Heidi said...

you sure are creative!!!!

Nora said...

wow, those are beautiful! I do the same with calendars and end up throwing the away!

Mintage Home said...

I think they are great...could you make decorative banners
ie happy birthday etc?

Leigh said...

I LOVE these!!!
I'm going to check you out on etsy right now...
Thanks for the comment on marvelouskiddo!

Sarah Dible. said...

Thanks everyone!. Mintage I am sure I can do banners like happy birthday as long as they are small in size. ie:1-2". The glaze does not work as well with larger sizes.


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