Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Etsy Blogger Team!

Whats the point in joining a team if you don't participate in the team functions right? Well with a gentle nudge (new membership rules) the Etsy Bloggers team is off to a running start this spring. Our first featured artist member is StormyDesigns. Congrats on being FISRT! that is a title that you will always hold Stormy.

There are many reasons StormyDesigns deserves this. She has spent a lot of time co-managing the EtsyBloggers.com team. Dedication and a contagious spirit of participation have earned her this honor. She has great tutorials on her blog, that I know she has spent a lot of time creating and are well done.

She is and Etsy seller with a beautiful shop full of great finds and one of a kind creations of polymer clay sculptures and jewelry. Her attention to detail is inspiring. I have featured my favorite item here. I have not worked with polymer clay but being the adventurous creative spirit that I am Stormy's store is tempting me to try it. Check her store out!

1 comment:

Cozy said...

I agree with everything you said about Stormy. She is a great person to copy when it comes to team membership and artistry.


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