Saturday, April 12, 2008

User Review: gDiapers!

Well having a new baby gets you thinking about all sorts of things especially diapers. Ones that work well and ones that don't.

So we came home from the hospital with Pampers Swaddlers diapers and stuck with those for quite some time, not because they were working great but mainly because a friend of mine had tried Huggies and had said that they were horrible for her son. Well we had blowout after blowout with the Swaddlers. So finally I ventured out and bought a bag of the Huggies Snug&Dry LeakLock. This is always difficult to venture into new territory. You could end up with a diaper you hate and a whole bag you have to use before buying another type. So the Huggies were better for us than the pampers. What does this tell me? Not all baby butts are alike!

Well the story does not end there. I have issues with diapers and the environmental issues they produce. If you use cloth ones then you are using a lot of water and electricity to clean them. If you do disposable then you are dumping a ton of plastic into landfills that will never biodegrade in our lifetime. What to do?

Well I came across these gDiapers. They have a biodegradable inner disposable diaper refill that completely degrades in 50 -150 days. You can compost them, toss them or flush them. So I checked out some of their videos online and thought I would try them out so I bought the starter pack.

The arrived yesterday!!!!

My first impressions are as follows

  • They have a very soft outer lining and I love the waist band elastic. It is wide and snug without cutting in.
  • They are not too bulky.
  • My little girl is awfully adorable in the diaper (way cuter than the huggies or pampers).
  • The inner plastic snap out liner is easy to wash and dry.
  • The plastic liner was able to thwart a blowout up the back with the design the way it creates a lip at the front and back of the diaper. I will see if this is a consistent finding with more use but considering blowouts up the back have been our main problem (causing more stain removal and laundry than we would like) these diapers are doing well.
  • The disposable diaper insert has no plastic in it and biodegrades easily as I said earlier but it arrives in the cardboard packaging with thick plastic shrinkwrap sealing them within the box. Maybe there is some sterile packaging law that forces this to be the way they are packaged but I did feel like the plastic shrink wrap was not necessary.
  • The inner plastic liner (rubber pant component) is very slick and so when the diaper is wet it bunches and slides into the middle of the liner and no longer extends to the edges of the liner (I feel this may have contributed to the wet leak issue in the next bullet point). This might be improved upon by using a waterproof material that has some sort of cloth material feel to it so that the disposable diaper potion has some surface tension from the liner that would hold it in place. I have purchased some cloth diaper outer shells (Bummis Super Whisper Wrap) that are cloth-like yet waterproof, like I am suggesting (maybe this type of insert liner could be offered as an optional liner). The main problem with this is that it would be slightly more bulky and would have to be washed (currently the way it is it can just be wiped down) between each use and would take longer to dry.
  • The wet diaper leaked out the leg area toward the front top of the diaper near where it fastens. This has only happened once and it was a fairly wet diaper. Once again I feel this may have been due to the fact that the wet diaper bunched towards the middle of the liner leaving no diaper to absorb wetness at the front top edges. I will still take a few wet leaks over the blowouts we have had with pampers and huggies.


sUz said...


Thanks for the great diaper review! I might give those gdiapers a try! My 8 month old hasn't had too many blowouts but I hate that I'm being environmentally irresponsible.

Love your work!

iN jOy,

Sarah Dible. said...

They are still working out for the blowouts. Have not had one since using them. Still have wet leaks out the front side of the leg area occasionally and I must not be fastening them correctly and I am experimenting with what to do to make them not leak that way. but yes the green factor is a big plus. The plastic in regular disposable diapers does not sit well with me. Thanks for the comment.


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