Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Victoria Rocks!

In November we went up to Victoria with our Friends Liz and Shane. Liz and I are good friends from work and we cycle a lot together (we did the Cycle Oregon weekend in 2006 and we had planned a trip to Italy for biking this month but my pregnancy has halted that trip - we are going to re-schedule). We had a great time up there and as usual I could not resist collecting rocks (pebbles) on the beach. Even Shane, Liz and Quentin all got involved and it was a ton of fun. The hard part is quitting. I get started and it is like an addiction because I feel like if I stop I will not find the next perfect rock. Liz found some nice ones for me to drill for her. The colors that we found up in Victoria were so amazing. There were the robins egg colored ones and the green and pink colored ones. Rocks and pebbles fascinate me and there smoothness I find is soothing to the eye. The drift wood was incredible as well so weathered and full of character. Shane of course found a whole new look down on the beach. Not sure if its a Pirate or hillbilly but I think it suits him well. Victoria is one of my favorite places to visit. So much charm and it has my favorite restaurant in the world; Rebar. Their food is vegetarian including some fish but no meat! The flavors are out of this world and all four of us ordered and everything was so different and amazing. If you ever head up there you must go, even if you are not Vegetarian it will still be a great experience! The Rebar "Modern Food Cookbook" is a must for all vegetarians, I use it all the time. My husband is strict Vege and I am Quasi-Vege!

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