Saturday, May 26, 2007

WANTED: “Crocs” for Orphan Tots!

I am looking for people who have used (still wearable) or new children’s “Crocs” that they are willing to donate for a children’s orphanage in Africa. If you would be willing donate and send me any Crocs you or your children may not need or use anymore I will get them directly to the Orphans that are in need of them. Please leave a comment if you are interested in helping out with this cause and I will provide you with a mailing address that you can send the Crocs to. All sizes needed!!! Some of the children are young and some are teens/young adults. is the website where you can see the orphans and read about the program. ************************************************************************ My connections to this cause:
  1. I have a shoe obsession so why not.
  2. I grew up in this same very poor area of Africa and I have such a fondness for the people of this region.
  3. My father is a family practice physician who raised our family in the African country of Rwanda. He now volunteers his time for the non-profit organization (PROLASA) in the Congo near where I grew up. PROLASA runs an orphanage that he helps support and it has 180 children in its care. I just received the newsletter from my Dad requesting help getting shoes for the kids. Included in the letter was a picture in it of three of the orphan’s feet, one without shoe, one with sandals falling apart and the last one with flip flops that aren’t holding up. Looking at that picture I had a “light bulb moment” and realized the perfect shoe for that region are Crocs. They can handle water and mud in the rainy season and they are durable and cleanable. I know these would be great for these kids because I grew up playing in the same location as these children. I now live in the Portland Oregon area.
Please help me with this cause.

Please mail any Crocs you would like to donate to:

In the USA:
"Crocs for Orphan Tots"
Congo Project
2711 NE 134th Way
Vancouver, WA 98686

In Canada:
"Crocs for Orphan Tots"
2137 Route 109
Arthurette, NB E7H 4B6


Tamara said...

Thank you for doing this! What a wonderful cause. Wish I had some to donate but I don't. :-)

LoopsDesigns said...

Thanks Tamara. You can tell some of your friends and see if they have any old ones as well if you want to help spread the word.


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