Friday, March 21, 2008

Crocs for Orpahn Tots: Another Project of Mine.

Collection bin at a local school near my home. It is very fun getting the children involved they are all so curious and some have asked if they can write letters to the orphans.

One of the first pairs of crocs given to an orphan

About the Project:

Purpose: To provide durable footwear/shoes in the form of used (or new) Crocs or Croc-like shoes for 200 orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. Orphans range in age from 3-18y/o, so we can use all sizes of Crocs.

2007: We took over 10 pairs of crocs last year and they are still holding up. The director of the orphanage contacted us and told us that they are the best shoes they have ever had and the orphans are so happy to have them.

Next Trip: April 2, 2008 is the next planned trip to the orphanage. My father who is a Doctor will be heading over to provide medical care for the children. The Crocs we have collected will be going over there at that time.

There was supposed to be a trip in Oct 2007, but war and unrest in the area was to blame for the cancellation of that trip.

How may are going with the next shipment? 69 pairs and counting.

Total pairs collected to date?
79 pairs and counting.

Who are we working with? Two non profit organizations PROLASA Canada and International Childrens Care in the USA. Both organizations are working together to help provide medical care, housing, food, education and clothing to these orphans.

Project Address
Ship Crocs to:
In the USA

"Crocs for Orphan Tots"
C/O: R. Wecker
376 Green St,
Clinton, MA 01510

In Canada:
"Crocs for Orphan Tots"
C/O: B. Wecker
2137 Route 109
Arthurette, NB E7H 4B6

If you have any Crocs you would like to donate please contact me or comment on the blog. I can help with shipping if needed.

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