Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Bassinet

Quentin and I like to create things. We saw this simple yet modern bassinet that was too expensive (or so we thought until we made our own). Quentin said that he wanted to make it before the baby arrived. I knew that on Quentin's time line this would no easy feat. He spends way to much time over-engineering things in the concept/planning phase then never gets the projects done.

Well this project was no different. He started on it about 4 month's ago and it just kept taking longer and longer to get it done as he would go back to the plans and update/improve them.

My part in this project was to make a hammock for this bassinet with no pattern to go by. I also had to wait until Quentin got the whole frame completed before I could start as I had to measure it and design the pattern on the frame. I am not the best at that type of thing as it requires precise measurements and calculations and I'm much better at guestimation and making things do.

Last weekend Quentin finally finished the frame. Tuesday I completed the pattern and cutting the pieces out. Then Wednesday a.m. at 4 in the morning (can't sleep so I might as well be productive) I started sewing. I finished it at about 8 p.m.
Even though it looks simple, it was not the easiest project but it turned out quite nice. Quentin still has to sand and finish the frame and then it is all ready to go.


Laura Bartlett said...

Well, it turned out beautifully even if you had to wait for it.

LoopsDesigns said...

Thanks Laura. Hopefully I can say the same about the baby when she comes.

msbelle said...

Great job!!


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