Friday, August 24, 2007

My new toy!

I have had the same cell phone for 3 years or more (an old Nokia) and I HATE changing phones. I get used to the shortcut keys on one and how to get messages, delete messages, fast forward messages etc... and I do not want to have to re learn it on a new phone. I also have an old Palm that is quite archaic that I have been lugging around and I have one of the oldest iPod that locks up on me at times. I have waited and waited to combine these items. I looked at the blackberry a year or so back and just haven't been convinced that it was what I wanted or needed.

Finally the iPhone came out and I have been trying to decide if it was worth investing in. I needed something to combine my phone and Palm for sure and I also wanted access to the net to manage my Etsy business. SO I BOUGHT ONE!

It is so cool. The only problem at this point is that it doesn't support flash, so some features of the Etsy site don't work via the phone. I can manage everything I need to though but I can't view the Treasury or the Time Machine from the phone.

So far it has great speed to look things up. I have managed to learn to use it very easily despite my lack of technical ability. Here's my favorite picture of Rales taken with my phone.

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