Monday, August 20, 2007

DeLuca's Room!

Well it has been a long process getting it ready. I would strongly suggest that most people get the room ready before getting pregnant. Once your pregnant it limits how much you can help with. I have a hard time sitting around and waiting for someone else to complete the work especially when I like to help remodel.

We riped up the carpet and put in dark wood floors. Replaced all the small baseboard with 5 1/2" base boards (old mop board style). They had to be painted with oil based paint to match the other existing woodwork so I could not help. The walls have now been painted "Vanilla" or a light cream.

We ordered DeLuca's crib online and it finally arrived. It has walnut stained Zebra wood headboards and white railings. I got a distressed blue/aqua armoire and dresser set from Pottery Barn and they are now in the room as well. She has a cream rug from Ikea and we have a brown leather chair (eventually meant for the study) ordered for us to hang out in during our long nights ahead. It has not arrived yet but should be here by next week.

I framed her ultrasound photo and am going to set it on a crown molding shelf above her crib. Her little profile on the ultrasound looks like her daddy's. He doesn't see it but he's and engineer and her doesn't see things in abstract form. Even my friends have noticed it when they see the ultrasound. We will have to see who she really looks like when she arrives.

She also got a red moose rocker from Ikea. Her Daddy thought every good Canadian girl needs a toy moose!

Well unless she's in a rush she should be here by Sept 7th.

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Anita said...


The room looks beautiful. I love the colour of the furniture. Now that its mostly finished you must be getting excited! I can't wait for our own couch to arrive so I can finish working on our own living room. Slowly but surely we are fixing up our place. Some day once your family can travel you will have to come visit.


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