Sunday, August 19, 2007

Liz and Shane's Reception

Well yesterday my friends Liz and Shane tied the knot. They had a great party at their reception that was hosted at Molly's Loft. Great music wonderful food and most of all we were finally able to meet all the friends and family that are so special to each of them.

Brian (on right of picture) was kind enough to prepare a plate of food for Liz as she had been too busy having fun to eat. Ren was looking amazing in a pin striped suit. Quentin was busy running around taking photos of of everyone but at the end of the night Xander snapped a photo of us.

I have been a little worried lately that I would not make it to the wedding if I went into labor early, but I MADE IT. I even managed to wear some heels instead of the Birkenstock's that I have lived in for the past few months. Those are my swollen feet on the left of the picture. Liz's cute shoes are the ones at the top center. Her bracelet and earrings were great with the dress.

Laughter flowed freely the entire night and I am sure that the bride and groom were exhausted by the end of the day but they were the happiest I have ever seen them.

So much fun!!!!

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